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Top Smart Grid Companies

Smart grid technology has been gaining a lot of attention lately. And every year, more people are having a lot of positive experiences about it. Thanks to smart hundreds of smart grid companies worldwide! Because of them, millions of people are now enjoying the perks of effective and efficient energy management. Here’s a quick list of the world’s top smart grid companies that we should keep an eye on:


Although this Swiss company was late in catching the smart grid wave, they were still able to make a lot of positive changes that made them one of the key players in the smart grid industry today. Most of the company’s sales come from Europe and some of it from China. ABB acquired Ventyx and Mincom in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Today, the market value of ABB exceeds $31 Billion.


In 2010, Accenture becomes one of the world’s largest consulting firms. The company’s smart grid plan currently focuses on power engineering, distribution automation and smart grid architecture. Accenture has been serving millions of consumers in more than 200 locations in over 50 countries.

Mit Verteilnetzautomatisierung aus einer Hand zum Smart Grid / Creating the smart grid with distribution automation from a single sourceCisco

This San Jose-based company has been one of the biggest players in the internet networking industry. Cisco specializes on state-of-the-art switches and routers. Today, the company also started to invest in the smart grid industry with the vision to provide standards-based smart grid services to its consumers.


GE has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers. For several years, they’ve been producing aircraft engines, appliances, lighting and other equipment. Today, this Fairfield, CT-based company also leads the smart grid industry by providing a wide range of smart grid software and hardware to it consumers. Last 2010, GE’s smart grid division was able to sell $150 Billion worth of products.


With a vision to create a firm that’s capable of integrating all “smart” hardware and software from various sources, there is no doubt as to why IBM Global Services stood out in this world’s arena of smart grid companies. One of IBM’s earliest projects included the modernization of the Island of Malta and the remaking of Centerpoint Energy’s power grid.


When Siemens joined the smart grid bandwagon, the company only has one goal in mind: to become one of the biggest smart grid companies. And it turned out that they’re right! Today, it is one of the largest electronics and engineering firms in the world.  Siemens is a German company and its U.S. headquarters are located in Washington, D.C.


As one of the major smart grid companies in the world, Telvent specializes in distribution automation and geographical information systems. In addition to these services, the company also provides systems integration, consulting and data center management to its consumers. Aside from its amazing smart grid portfolio, this Madrid-based company is also known to be the best IT services provider in the world.

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