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Smart Grid Solutions for Your Business

Since its development, smart grid systems have been changing the way energy is managed in homes and businesses — for the better! Are you excited to try one on yours? Below are some of the amazing things that smart grid solutions can do for your business.

1. Smart grid applications allow you to use less energy which in turn saves your business a decent amount of hard-earned money.

2. You can receive incentives, discounts and rebates from programs like “time-of-use” rates and net metering provided by your local power company.


3. Aside from the incentives offered by your power provider, the government also gives additional incentives and benefits to consumers who actively participate in these energy management programs.

4. Smart grid solutions also reduces the overall energy consumption of your commercial building at critical periods. This prevents any instability or blackouts within the power grid. It also saves you from very expensive peak charges too!

5. Smart apps allows you to reduce your building’s energy load automatically or with a single touch of a button. This will save you more time (and additional resources) than calling and scrambling your entire maintenance division.

6. By providing stability to the community power grid during peak hours, smart grid technology stabilizes local energy prices. This does not only benefits your company but your whole neighbourhood as well.

7. It also allows you to shed your building’s energy load without somebody noticing it (e.g. in building lighting fixtures).

Features of Commercial Smart Grid Solutions

Of all electronic devices in a commercial building, let’s use the lighting fixtures to illustrate some of the features of commercial smart grid applications. Did you know that most buildings in the world are over-lit? Yes they are! Because of the light levels are set higher than what’s appropriate for the space — not to mention some unoccupied rooms that are still lit! This wastes a lot of energy and money too! Here are some of smart grid features that can help minimize and even eliminate this problem.

1. Centralized Control – Using computers (and even mobile devices!), building managers can control all the lights and daylight shades in the facility in just one location. This increases productivity and maximizes energy saving within your building.

2. Scheduling – Most smart grid apps allow you to automate your building energy saving activities by integrating a scheduling feature. This allows you to set specific times as to when you wanted to dim the lights or activate the shades.

3. Automatic Reporting – This features allow you to effectively manage your energy consumption by reporting the amount of energy consumed in every activity. It can also help you identify potential problems that may cause undesired results ahead of time.



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